Specialty Harrows - Field Finisher Harrow

Field Finisher Harrow

The Field Finisher combines McFarlane’s 5-Bar Flexible Spike Tooth Harrow with a double rolling basket designed for field finishing. The 5-Bar Harrow levels the field and stirs the soil. The double rolling basket tosses the dirt, distributing the fines while leaving small clods and leaving the course dirt on top. The forward roller aggressively penetrates the soil, breaking up any clods remaining behind the harrow. The second roller finishes the job, pulverizing and firming the soil for planting.


  • Widths from 26’ to 48’
  • Fully hydraulic cart makes conversion to transport easy
  • Same style cart (HDL-1000) as 8 & 16-bar harrows
  • 5-Bar flexible spike tooth harrow won’t plug in heavy residue
  • 10 1/2” diameter basket with eight 1/4” x 1 1/4” high-carbon bars
  • Triple-sealed regreasable bearings
  • Spring-adjustable down pressure for varying soil conditions and types for optimum performance
  • Double Rolling Baskets oscillate to follow field contours


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