Mounted Harrows - Single & Double Rolling Basket

Single & Double Rolling Basket Mount

Following behind your field cultivator, the wide spiral blades of the baskets toss soil high enough to separate soil. Finer, firmer soil settles into the seedbed while small clods remain on the soil surface to resist erosion, evaporation and crusting. What’s left behind is a firm, level bed ready for planting in a single pass. The Rolling Basket is the ideal tool for weed control. It provides excellent shallow chemical incorporation by taking herbicides to the proper soil depth. This tool can also be used for non-chemical weed control. The blades of the rolling basket uproot weeds intact, leaving them on the soil surface to dry and die.


  • Fits virtually all makes and models of field cultivators
  • Designed for 3” and 4” rear tool bars
  • Heavy-gauge rectangular tube frame
  • 12” diameter basket with eight 1/4” x 1 1/4” high-carbon bars
  • Triple-sealed regreasable bearings
  • Spring-adjustable down pressure for varying soil conditions and types for optimum performance
  • Available as single or double basket
  • Double Rolling Baskets oscillate to follow field contours
  • Optional 3-bar flexible harrow to further facilitate field leveling

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